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Published: November 16th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Herb Bench'

CustomMade For YouBy You

Enjoy your furniture more by building it yourself. It’s easier and more fun than you might think.

Handmade. Unique by design. The human touch gives every piece an essence that machine cannot recreate. Making your own furniture means you are surrounded by your own creations, not a copy of what your neighbors have. It is an expression of you and your abilities.

'Stack-em Up Cubes'

You spend the weekend locked in your work room. No crowds, no cheap lighting. There is assembly required, but the instructions are not translated from a foreign language. The instructions given are from a real craftsman complete with a step-by-step guide and photo examples. The materials are not pre-cut and labeled with the alphabet. Nope, you’ve graduated from such elementary concepts.

You hand selected the quality materials you want for your furniture and made all the cuts yourself. With real tools. Yes, this job takes more than a tiny "L"-shaped Allen wrench. The sound of power tools fills your work room drowning out any noise from the outside world while letting outsiders know one thing. Do Not Disturb.

'Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects'

Don’t waste your weekend wandering the factory warehouses in search of new furniture. Spend some quality time with your tools and make the furniture you really want.

  • There is assembly required
  • Real instruction from real craftsmen