This 'OneLife' isall yours

You are at the center of your life. At least, you should be. Except, you're an adult who's too busy with work and your life is just happening. There isn't any time to piece yourself together perfectly. This is backwards! Your life is the product of your own creation. You can't leave it to the mercy of societies tug-of-war. After all you never asked to be here. It isn't some kind of entitlement to pursue your own potential. On your own terms. It's a privilege, and you deserve the privilege. Be the creator of your own story.

Welcome to theOne Life Catalog

we are here to inspire this way of life: a life centered around you.

There is a lot of debate these days about how to 'live right'. Debate is useless if you have no criteria for agreement. Living right is simple: You don’t need just the bare-necessities to live. You need access to the abundance that surrounds you, yet somehow you have the opposite. Advice on living up to your potential is scattered and off target. It seems like the solutions are to cope with the way things are, treating the symptoms instead of the problems.

You want to be a creative maker, but instead you're forced to be a consumer. As a result the time you have for yourself is limited by forces beyond your control. Your desire to shape your future takes a back seat to life routines and business as usual. That is because you are not the creator of your own story. If you could manage these routines like a business instead, a whole systems operation, you could become the executive of your "One Life".

The One Life Catalog offers you the blueprints to a whole system. We mean a "whole system". Think of it as a manual for accessing the lifestyle you really want. Basically, when it comes to planning your lifes' necessities — like the things you buy and use — it's as though there is constantly something left out, or excess left in. We offer a way out of the consumerist hamster wheel. Instead of a comprehensive collection of junk, our catalog gathers into one place the artifacts, technology and processes that when used together allow you to produce your basic needs in excess of your own consumption. It is a system to guide you from taker to maker!

Spread across nine spaces The One Life Catalog puts you at the center of your life again. Each space in turn builds on what already exists to upgrade your modern life. Access to the tools, the knowledge to use them and the purpose for doing it — to tap your potential and create your own regenerative living system. It's about creating a lifestyle that integrates with your environment without sacrifice and gives back more than it needs. So you can finally be free to just be you, the creator of your own story.

The catalog we offer is not the whole solution, it is just our first step. In time, we’ll take another.


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