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Published: November 16th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Dripping Springs Olla'

SimplifyWateringwith Olla Pots

Keep your garden thriving through the hot summer droughts while following this ancient tradition.

Olla pots free you from hoses and sprinklers by doing the work for you. An unglazed terracotta pot sits in your garden seeping water to your thirsty, hot plants; but only when your plants need it. You need only refill the pot!


Modern watering systems alone create excess work and waste too much water. A more archaic method using Olla pots can solve these issues while saving your garden.

Your garden is important. It bears the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, your escape from reality, your means to independently feed your family from your own land. Leave it to the hot summer sun and drought to turn your plants’ ripe green leaves to a crispy brown. Without your garden, you’re left depending on large, far away farms to grow for you. Who knows for sure how big commodity farms are treating their plants? Sometimes feeding your childeren with the peice of mind that comes from organically grown produce might not be in your budget. If only there was a way to water without needing so much water.

Olla pots are a simple solution to water scarcity. Unlike you, they are capable of sitting with your plants all day and night. They respond to your plant’s thirst, never leaving them waiting for their next sip. Even your plants adjust by spreading their roots to their beloved new caretaker. Before modern forms of irrigation were invented, Native Americans and even Ancient Romans used the Olla Pot to grow their food and nourish their communities.


Your modern day garden may just need some old world ingenuity!

  • Modern watering systems create excess work and waste
  • Olla pots are a simple solution to water scarcity
  • Olla pots free you from hoses and sprinklers by doing the work for you