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Published: November 22nd 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Cherry Wood Bowerys'

Buy Head-Phones ChangeSomeone's Life

Give someone the gift of hearing. All you have to do is listen.

Music is vital. It's personal. It's yours. Put your headphones on, your music becomes the only thing that matters. The sound in your ears cancels out the noise around you. When you put on LSTN Headphones, there is more going on than you and your music. Someone in the world is hearing for the first time.


Every LSTN Headphone bought puts a donation towards hearing aids for people with hearing disabilities.

Like snowflakes, each pair of LSTN Headphones is unique. Made with reclaimed wood, your pair has a unique signature that matches no ones. You want the best sound and your gear should match your taste. Unique. Stylish. Classic. No matter your music of choice, you can rest assured that it will sound great coming out of the cushioned headphones resting on your ears. The polished wood casing marked with LSTN shows your style and your philanthropy.

Understanding that business is more about products and profit, the founders at LSTN are set on making a positive stamp on the world. By combining business with charity, the world gets a great new product while thousands of individuals get their hearing restored by means of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

'Ebony Wood Troubadours with Mic'

Isn't music more enjoyable when everyone is listening?

  • Combining business with charity
  • You want the best sound and your gear should match your taste