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Published: December 4th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson

ReclaimOur Planet

'Uhuru Design Cyclone Lounger'


Finding reclaimed materials just got easier.

Reclaimed materials add a touch of personality to a world of cookie cutter design, bringing history from beyond manufacturing dates. Your project can have a one of a kind feel without lacking style or quality. You'll get what you want and the materials will get a second chance. Besides, who doesn't like second chances?

'Jenga Wall'
by oinonio

No matter the stage of design or deconstruction, Planet Reuse assists in locating or placing materials.. The search for such materials usually requires time and effort that you don't have in spare. Planet Reuse does the hard work for you. By making this process easier, more people will turn to the reused market before settling for new materials.

In need of a new table, you must decide to buy or build. No matter the decision, any traditional route would bring you to something made of newly manufactured materials. Instead, you reach out to the community on Planet Reuse. You discover various materials in your area. You discover used tables for sale, too. You're options of buying or building remain, but you're methods of shopping change. Your new method gives you a quality product that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Re-purposing is a win-win. The marketplace allows you to take initiative to buy and sell yourself. If the process is too daunting for you, their experts will personally assist you. Planet Reuse provides a simplicity in the reused market by making it as convenient as the local lumber store. It's for anyone and any project size.


Save quality resources by checking out PlanetReuse.com for your next building project.

  • End your search for reclaimed materials.
  • PlanetReuse.com provides a team of experts to find materials for you.