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Published: December 05th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Apricots Drying in Cappadocia'

Dehydrate YourFood Stock

Make your food last so long, your freezer won't be able to keep up.

Prepared food frees you from slaving over the stove for every meal. Your body craves nutrition while you crave time doing other things. Modern practices might tell you to keep such things in your freezer, but food preservationists of the past would like to share with you their secret: dehydration. Without the means of chilling food, people were left to use our most abundant resources; Sun and wind. If you leave an apple on your counter it rots. If the same is left out in the elements of sun and wind, it's preserved and delicious.

'Dried Mushrooms'

An electric dehydrator mimics the effects of the sun and wind. The heat kills the microbes while the circulation of the fan prevents the food from overcooking and aids in removing the moisture. Dehydration goes beyond fruit and jerky. Just about any food or meal can be dehydrated. And when sealed properly, it can last years.

Modern times still call for dehydrated food. Amidst a blackout you can rest assured of your next meal while your neighbors try to salvage their thawing freezer food. Dehydration keeps an abundant supply of food turning deficient when times are scarce. No one knows this better than astronauts, campers, and hikers. They must rely on prepared meals that are easily transportable and nutritious.

When replacing your rotted apple with a trip to grocery store isn't possible, you have to make sure that apple doesn't rot. Around half of the food in the worldwide is wasted, and a major contributing factor to this statistic is the crisper drawer! Wouldn’t it be nice to if you could dehydrate food and store it before it rots away stinking up your refrigerator? You’ll save money and you’ll help save your environment. Before that lettuce goes soggy again, dehydrate it instead. It makes a wonderful soup!

'Snackmaster Express'
by Nesco

keep yourself well fed in any situation and dehydrate your food!

  • Dehydrate food before it goes bad.
  • Save money by wasting less food.