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Published: December 05th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


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Like delivery to your door, your aquaponics garden grows your dinner and you don't have to leave your chair.

Put down the garden hose. Turn off the sprinkler. That type of maintenance won't be necessary. Aquaponics recreates the regenerative qualities of nature. A team of plants, worms and fish unknowingly creating what the other one needs. Creating what you need. Fresh produce. A backyard variety safe from the unknowns of the grocery stock. A nice idea that conventionally takes a bit of work and maintenance. Throw away outmoded conventions and switch to the new. Aquaponics.

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Aquaponics is a soil free garden. Getting your hands dirty is no longer necessary. The roots, removed from the soil, hang beneath a grow bed. Their freedom from soil gives them quick access to oxygen and nutrients. In this garden the circle of life fuels plant growth. Worms eat fish waste, turning ammonia into nitrates. Plants eat worm waste, creating clean water to replenish the fish tank. The nitrogen cycle is not a glamorous process, but it keeps your garden clean and running with very little intervention from you. In fact, with the addition of sensors the resulting data can drive actuators and pumps so that your garden can automate itself. You can monitor the whole thing from your computer or set it up to be notified via email or text message in the event of a problem.

Aquaponics builds upon the concepts derived from hydroponics and aeroponics while exhibiting a cybernetic feedback loop. Built correctly, and integrated with a combination of the ecology surrounding your home and the right technology this kind of garden becomes a regenerative system. Adding fish to the equation allows you to grow a complete meal. Many species of fish reproduce quickly. While the fish do well at feeding your plants, they could also feed you.


Quit wandering around the store spending your hard earned cash. Construct an ecosystem and enjoy high yield homegrown food.

  • Consistent supply of fresh herbs and produce.
  • An added fish farm could provide home-grown protein.