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Published: December 05th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Earthbag Dome'

A Houseof Bags

Build a super-strength home for less money and fewer resources.

Fire proof. Storm proof. Mold proof. Bullet proof. Can your home claim any of these things? If your home is an earthbag home then it can likely claim all of them. An idea developed from the military bunker puts a twist on the ancient techniques of domicile construction. Earthbag homes create the ultimate protection. And since they are made with 95% less wood than a traditional home, they provide a solution to sustainable development and regenerative living.

'Tube Walls'

Your house is more than the roof above your head. It's security. It's comfort. It gives you a private place of personal consistency despite an ever changing world in flux. You need it to hold up no matter how bad it gets outside. An earthbag house will not let you down. Forget the bricks and mortar. Earthbag walls are stacked with soil filled bags and reinforced with barbed wire. Once compacted, the soil becomes solid. Like bricks, but stronger. The final layer of plaster ensures pests and moisture stay way. And the built in insulation from the soil will keep you warm at night and cool during the day. With the added necessities of electricity, plumbing, furniture, fixtures and wifi, a dirt cheap home is upgraded to luxury status.

Once proposed as a blueprint for building colonies on Mars, earthbag homes might be the future of suburbia. Many have already tried their hand at it with success. The development of this idea depends on people taking a chance. To try something different for the opportunity of creating something that is better in a lot of ways. Earthbag constructions can usually be seen as emergency housing after a storm. If we all had earthbag homes, such emergency relief may not be required.

'Earthbag Building'

Be a trendsetter. Save some trees. Build a stronger house.

  • Added protection from the elements
  • Lower construction cost.