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Published: December 20th 2014

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Raspberry Pi'


Create high-tech equipment without the cost of brand name manufacturers.

A home that responds to you in a world of automation. You could simply wait for some business to create this futuristic vision, but can the brands work together to create what you want? Don’t limit yourself to the products of others. Take some lessons with the raspberry pi and create it on your terms. Millions of others already have.

'Raspberry Pi Specs'

Modern phones and computers often make it hard to make a mistake. Everything has already been programmed to achieve the proper outcome. You're only required to push the proper buttons. This is good for accomplishing tasks quickly but they do little to teach the intuition of programming, leaving most users with little inclination to learn. You can only hope that the programmers on the other end actually make what you really want.

An entire computer, the size of a credit card, for only $35. It was not built for speed. It was not built for graphics. It was made to teach. To provide you a simple and worry free setting to learn basic programming.

The raspberry pi boots into a programmable environment. You're suddenly required to learn a bit of the language to get around. Like being in a new country. Suddenly, you are computing like a child of the 80's. But you don't have to go in without any help. Raspberry pi comes with a community bigger than any customer service team. Running on open source software, the functionality of the program is constantly being improved by its user base. With people around the world offering forums and videos to help you. And they won't even try to sell you anything.

A computer as small and affordable as the raspberry pi has proved itself greater than just a teacher. Tutorials and project ideas help propel these little gadget into the future of technology. DIY technology to be more precise. You can add an Arduino, sensors, a camera module, and speakers. The addition of these tools can enhance the computer and lend you, the programmer, more power to take control. You could build your own robots, monitor the air quality of your home, build your own 3D printer, build a language translator, or control your power outlets from your computer. The possibilities are endless. Instead of waiting for someone else to make it, you can get to it first.

'Raspbian Desktop GUI'

Get started programming and build your own 'smart' home.

  • Learn to program in a setting that allows you to make mistakes and start over.
  • Use the basics of programming to build your own tech gadgets.