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Published: January 28th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson


'Mint is on the Move'

Homegrown Foodin Your Window

Create self-sufficiency by growing food in your home, even in your city apartment!

Only a greenhouse can keep your plants growing year round. If you live in the city, a greenhouse likely isn’t an option. But the windows in your home can be turned into a makeshift greenhouse simply by lining it with plants. The Windowfarm design was created for just this reason. It’s a product designed by an open source community. Joining is not hard. Just register to receive your own blueprints to build your own or purchase a pre-assembled kit. Homegrown gardens are possible for everyone. For every budget.

'The WindowFarms Project'

The build it yourself version of the Windowfarm concept uses recycled plastic bottles as planters. Five of them are connected in a column with the bottom one used as a water reservoir for a hydroponic system. A pump pulls nutrient rich water up a tube so that it can drip down from one bottle to the next and back into the reservoir to start again. A plant’s roots in a hydroponic system stay dense and compact without soil to expand. This makes it ideal for a small growing space while still allowing for decent plant growth.

A product like this would ordinarily come from the research and development department of a business. But this process is limited in terms of budget and the number minds put to the task. Windowfarms has been developed with the R&D of 40,000 people who have built their own. Each one of them offering solutions for different climates, living situations, costs and abilities. As a member you can find solutions to fit your circumstance. It’s a product that can truly be tailored to your needs with the help from people around the world or even in your neighborhood.

The benefit of this large-scale cooperative design is also available for those who are not do-it-yourselfers. The Windowfarms marketplace offers a pre-assembled kit, using the same open design but with all of the bulk assembly complete; you need only snap it together. While it resembles a traditional manufactured product, it’s unique concept brought together by thousands of strangers is something the ordinary R&D process cannot replicate.

'Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment'
by TED

Buy it or build it, give your windows a purpose and grow some food.

  • Hydroponics window garden helps you grow healthy plants in a small space, dirt free!
  • Tailor your design specific to your needs with the help of the open source community.