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Published: February 23rd 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson


by  BitBite

Bitbite Dieting Coach

Wearable technology takes a new approach to how you diet

Track your eating habits and never diet again. Sure, you’ve heard this before, make a food journal, count calories, etc. Now you can let Bitbite track your eating habits and never diet again. Bitbite is a wearable device that not only tracks what you eat, but how much, how well, and when. It does all the hard work and gives you real time feedback.

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Diets offer a quick fix solution. Make you drastically change your food intake to create dramatic results. While this could get you results temporarily, it fails at teaching you the skills to sustain yourself after the diet. Fad diets lead you into expectations with a list of things you should be doing. Healthy diets require healthy habits. To learn healthy habits, you must know yourself first and what you need. Only then can you discover what you should do.

Knowing the frustration and impracticalities of a manual food journals, the makers of Bitbite decided to automate this process for you.

When it’s time to eat, set Bitbite in your ear and tell it what you’re eating. Bitbite will connect to the corresponding app on your phone to record the time and what you are eating. With it’s internal sensors it measures the strength and speed of your chews. From this it determines how much and how thoroughly you eat. Over time, it learns your habits; things you may not notice. LIke when you go in for that late afternoon treat or if you frequently neglect the veggies on your plate. It will give you tips and reminders to rewire these bad habits into healthier, sustainable habits.

The use of sensor technology in the realm of dieting, a topic that is so personal and troublesome, gives you a chance to zero in on what’s really going on. It brings opportunity to correct the growing disconnect of information and discover a diet that works for you. A diet that does is not limiting and continues with you for long term results.

Bitbite received complete funding for this product on Indiegogo in January of 2015. They will be sending out shipments for those orders in June and hopefully the public soon after. They will be available for $159 retail. Look at their Indiegogo Campaign for more info and keep up with them on twitter for updates on product release.

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You are what you eat, now learn how you eat.

  • Rewire your old habits by learning new ones with sensor technology
  • Stop fad diets that don’t teach you, instead learn from your own diet.