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Published: May 6th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson

Yoga ForKids

'Bedtime Yoga'

Cosmic Kids YogaPractice for Young Minds

Get your kids started on a yoga journey early.

It’s commonplace to put kids in soccer and basketball at an early age, why not yoga? Cosmic kids yoga provides a fun filled yoga class that you can do together.

'Fun Yoga Adventures for Kids'

As adults, we are aware of the yoga benefits. We hear it all the time. Strength, flexibility, balanced nervous system. But it’s not enough to coax our littlest ones to join into a traditional class. Cosmic kids yoga offers classes that turn the intention to story instead of strength development. p. Each video takes children through a story that they must follow with their movement. The instructor, Jaime, provides the narration and the instructions. But rather than explaining the intent of the pose, she uses the story to give the poses purpose. It’s like acting out a part in a play.

Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a way to encourage the practice early while engaging their minds both mentally and physically. It takes on a kinesthetic learning approach to move through their imaginations. The focus on the story takes away the pressure of the physical task itself. Skill isn’t left as an intimidation for their young minds.

You can find many videos on the youtube channel; there is a new one added on the 1st of each month! Each one is about 5-20 minutes long. To go even further, you can visit the website to find printouts of the corresponding story and poses that go with the videos. This way you can help guide your child through by learning it in advance.

If you want to be able to watch the videos when you aren’t connected to youtube, there are two DVD’s available on Amazon. Cosmic Kids Yoga - Series 1 DVD. Fun yoga adventures for kids aged 3 and Cosmic Kids Yoga - Series 2 DVD. Bedtime Yoga!

Here’s one of our favorites!

'Cosmic Kids Yoga Playlist'

Namaste, Little Ones!

  • Make yoga a family experience
  • Add physical storytelling to your homeschool routine