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Published: June 10th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson

We AreOne

'Earth - Global Elevation Model with Satellite Imagery'

TROM, The most important documentaryever made.

A look into The Reality Of Us

If another species tried to define us humans, how would they describe us? In order to understand ourselves as a species, we must try to take the point of view of an outsider, an alien, making observations in order to understand a new life form and the world in which they live. Humans all agree that we are apart of the same species, yet we allow for labels and individual beliefs to create barriers between one another. If the system we live in perpetuates this sort of behavior than a new system must be discovered. To know where to go, we must define the current system. Before that, we must determine how we got here. If this seems like a task too big, don’t worry. Trom has done much of the work for us.

‘Humanity. Love. Respect.'

Trom is a documentary, but not your ordinary documentary. First off, it’s 13 hours long (broken into short segments for your convenience). It is completely free to watch and it was made for the pursuit of understanding not for profit.

Trom aims to tell the complete story of humankind. To lay out the system, or game, that we are all forced to play, the monetary system. We all know it. We don’t know life without it. Money isn’t so bad when you have it, or if you’re well adjusted to the game. But when you’ve been dealt a bad hand, life quickly changes. Even with access to money, the way we think and act are easily influenced. Like the old saying, ‘’money makes people do crazy things’. This is true for those who have it and those who don’t. Money is the primary influencer in the world. It represents power, success and health. All of the things we want in life. Then there are the monetary decisions that indirectly and adversely affect our power as individuals, health and quality of living. Money lays out the worldview which gives purpose to our behavior. To win the game.

While Trom does give an alternative option to the monetary system, it spends a great deal of time trying to define the perceptions that drive our actions and ideas. In short, it provides meaning to the background of life that has become so commonplace. It’s not enough to know, we must understand. With that in mind, Trom points out the flaws that have developed from the current paradigm and how to shift the current way of thinking into something more productive. A resource based economy. With the technological applications we’re capable of producing, this reality is possible, no matter how many times it’s been shrugged off in the past. Sometimes the greatest faculty holding us back is lens in which we are looking through.

Trom breaks down the barriers between the differences we’ve established and instead gives evidence to the similarities in our cultures. When we can get past the labels we think define us, then we can truly see ourselves as teammates and not competitors on opposite sides of the board. p. To see the whole thing for yourself you can view it on their website: Tromsite , Youtube, or Vimeo.

'(h) The Reality Of Me 2011 Trailer'

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