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Published: August 1st 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson


by Alex

Change Your LifeOrganize ItThe Right Way

The KonMari method of tidying will help you clear your house of clutter.

How much time do you spend organizing? How about re-organizing your organization? Every time clutter gets put away it manages to find a way back out. So what should you do? Perhaps buy better storage and work through each room at a time. This process is the negative spiral of modern organization. According to Marie Kondo, it’s all wrong.

'Organized Closet'

Mari Kondo, a japanese organization expert, has also experienced the failure of the flurry of organizational tactics. From her frustration, she has developed her own method, KonMari, to finally bring some sense as to why we all acquire so much clutter. Her strategy is to discard everything that does not bring us happiness. If we want to be truly happy in our homes, it should only be filled with the things that bring us joy. Everything else must go.

In her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, she says “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want live your life.” As you sort through your belongings, you begin to determine what it is you really want and you let go of the things holding you back. This might be emotions from the past or fears of the future. Simply putting things away in storage keeps you from making decisions about what is important to you.

This process must be done quickly and swiftly. “The key is to make the change so sudden that you experience complete change of heart. The same impact can never be achieved if the process is gradual.” For your newfound tidiness to last, you must be able to see immediate results.

If you suddenly have the urge to start sifting through drawers and cabinets, hold it back. Tidiness comes in order and by category. Kondo recommends going through each category of your belongings by bringing it all out on the floor and sifting through it piece by piece. Going in order of clothing, books, miscellaneous, papers, and mementos. By sitting closely with each possession you will begin to internalize whether or not it gives you joy. If you don’t feel joy holding the item, throw it away.

If you’re tired of the maintenance of organization, give the KonMari method a try. You may end up like her clients, never needing to organize again. Although Kondo’s clients never need to rehire her, her waiting list continues to grow. Kondo says, “one of the magical effects of tidying is the confidence in your decision making abilities.” If you obtain the ability discern whether you really need something, you will be able to have tidiness and no longer need to organize the clutter.

You can find the book through Amazon.

'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Book Trailer'

With the KonMari method, you’ll never have to clean clutter again.

  • Get rid of the things holding you back.
  • Experience the life changing magic of a tidy home.