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Published: August 13th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson



Build a homewithout themortgage.

Become apart of the Earthship brigade and change the way we build.

Your water, electricity, sewage and waste all connect to external supply provided by the city. When you move, you have to transfer all of these accounts to your new address. Unless you move to an Earthship home where all of these utilities are built into the functionality of the home. The Earthship design has the means of providing clean water, food, and energy at no cost. Build the house and the rest is covered.


Earthship Biotech Design is based on the work from architect, Michael Reynolds. The model for this home was developed in Taos, NM, where the Earthship Academy now resides. Earthships epitomize what it means to live harmoniously with the environment. So many Earthship homes have now been built that it is proving to be a realistic sustainable design for the future.

The Earthship was not developed just for New Mexico, it can be used in any climate. It utilizes passive solar and a solar/wind combination for heating and cooling. Rainwater is stored and used up to four times! With water treatment cells located throughout the home, water is downgraded after each use from drinking to shower to toilet and into the garden. There is zero waste into the local aquifer. The building is made with recycled materials found locally, such as old tires and glass bottles.

You can purchase the plans to build your own Earthship ranging from $5,000 - $10,000 depending on size. Build it yourself or hire the Earthship team to do it for you. According to this article from the Earthship blog, it is possible to build your own Earthship home for $7,000. No more bills or mortgage!

To go even further, you can attend the Earthship Academy in Taos, NM. It’s a 4 week course in design principles and methods. It will also cost you $2500, but it’s an opportunity to join the army of Earthship builders around the world who are working to propel the movement.

To see a more extensive look at the Earthships built in Taos, watch this short documentary on YouTube.

'FP Presents: Earthship Biotechture'

Visit Taos to experience an Earthship first hand.

  • Earthships allow you to live with the land without creating waste.
  • Produce what you need from your own Earthship.