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Published: August 25th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson

Causefor Joy

'Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. ~Plato'

Find volunteerjobs in your city.

VolunteerMatch.com helps non-profits and volunteers connect.

There are numerous websites dedicated to helping people find a job, but what about volunteering? Giving back to the community is a valuable way to spend time connecting to those in need. It’s also an opportunity to expand on a skill. VolunteerMatch.org has the solutions to connect your passions to a cause that needs you.

'Australian Volunteers'

VolunteerMatch.org works like many job search sites. You put in your city, you search for a cause you care about, and apply for a volunteer job. It’s a model used before put towards doing good.

The idea of volunteering brings vague ideas as to what the job entails. Just as there is variety in the job market, there is variety in volunteer opportunities. You could find a job in line with what you already do, such as website design or marketing. An opportunity to hone your skills while doing good. Much better than doing a school project that only the teacher would see.

Other jobs might be a little out of the ordinary. In my city, I found positions for drivers to escort the elderly to doctor appointments, answer phone calls for a crisis center, or attend a happy hour for hostel guests and simply visit with foreigners. Not a bad days work. Volunteering can lead to opportunities and connections that can only be imagined once you do it.

'Introduction to VolunteerMatch : 3 Good People, 3 Good Causes, 3 Perfect Matches'

Visit VolunteerMatch.org to see what opportunities are in your area.

  • Use your free time to do some good.
  • Get job experience by volunteering.