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Published: August 27th 2015

by: Caitlin Jackson



Ecological Design ScienceAvailable to All

Open Permaculture School offers online tutorials free.

Permaculture supplies a framework to create very simple solutions to complex problems. It’s not just about gardening, it’s a new approach to just about everything we do. The education of permaculture is crucial to create positive change; it should be easily accessible. Thanks to Open Permaculture School, it is.

'collardveins, drops'

Open Permaculture School is part of the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Their website has over 100 free lectures to view. The corresponding forum allows you to discuss the topics with instructors and peers. You can even connect with others in your area.

Permaculture goes beyond knowing how to grow your own food. It’s a sustainable design science that is grounded in observation. The practice of permaculture can be applied to any aspect of life from city design to our relationships. It’s a way of life.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about it for free. To get even further, the Regenerative Leadership Institute also offers a Certification Course in permaculture to get a more thorough understanding.

'Permaculture In 3 Minutes - Regenerative Leadership Institute'

Go take your first free permaculture class!

  • Change your world for good with help from permaculture design.
  • Learn for free with the help of experts working with you.